Monday August 2nd – Wednesday August 4th 2010

i was really pleased to be able to chat to Mistress on Monday evening, it made my day.  i did not mention to Her though that since She had asked me to get myself a glass butt plug, i have been wearing a rubber plug that i have had for a while.  Up until Monday, i had been wearing it during the day but on Sunday night i decided to risk leaving it in over night.  i wore a fairly tight panty girdle to be just in case it might slip out but i need not have worried, it stayed in place all night and i was able also to get in and out of bed without my wife noticing i was wearing the girdle and asking any awkward questions.  i left the butt plug in all day Monday, taking it out only when i needed to use the toilet but then putting it straight back in.  However, i did not leave it in a second night because by bedtime my ass had become a little tender.

Mistress and i discussed my sister sissy slave, alison.  Mistress has heard nothing from her since our weekend away and i have had only a couple of emails, the latest of which seemed to suggest she was having second thoughts about her future.  i hope not because i like her and i know Mistress likes her too and has plans for all three of us to have some wonderful times together.  i was hoping that alison would be able to help me obtain a few additional items, such as a new silicon cock cage and a glass butt plug that i could never risk having delivered to my home or office but can’t seem to get any response out of her at the moment.  Mistress was quite concerned and asked me to reassure alison that all was well and she need not worry about the pictures Mistress took (if that is what might be bothering her) for Mistress was careful not to include any faces that could be recognised.  i promised Mistress i would write again to her, which i did before going to bed.

Tuesday morning i was quickly out of bed and, as soon as my wife left for work, i replaced the butt plug, dressed and prepared to go to Mistress Ana’s house to clean.  i had to do a little work first and so had to wear male outer clothes in the office but i had left my drainpipe skinny tight ladies jeans, stiletto heeled boots and a blouse over in the house along with my wig and make-up so that as soon as i was able to get out of the office i dressed fully “en femme” for the journey across the city to Mistress’ house.  i applied a little make-up, just mascara and lipstick, a little jewelery, a necklace, matching bracelet and earrings, my wig of course and felt terrific as i slid into the car and drove off.  Since the weekend away with Mistress when i went public “en femme” with beard, i have lost all inhibitions and worries about being seen unless of course by either my work staff, family or neighbours.  There was a thrill for me in the risk in getting out of the house and down the road undetected but once on the road i felt comfortable.

At Mistress’ house, i opened the door to a surprise.  Clearly someone else had been there for the house was not as Mistress would have left it.  i correctly presumed it was Mistress’ daughter who must have returned briefly before going away on site for work and found a message from Her once i reached the kitchen.  The kitchen was a mess – dirty dishes mainly – and so it was no surprise that Her message asked me to tidy up the kitchen and mop the kitchen, lounge and stairway floors.  She also asked me to wash whatever clothes were in the laundry and then, if i had time and energy, tidy her room and bathroom.

i quickly went down to the laundry and got the washing machine loaded and running.  Passing Mistress’ daughters room i noticed that She had half moved in – it looked as if a bomb had hit it with boxes and suitcases half unpacked and clothing strewn over the bed and the floor.  i checked the mailbox as requested by Mistress and took the mail bck to the kitchen and then got busy.   The item Mistress was expecting had not arrived so i was unable to complete the important task Mistress had given me and resolved to return later in the week and check Her mail again.  i started in the kitchen then and tidied up first, washing and putting away the dishes, watering plants and then wiping down the surfaces before sweeping and mopping the floors.  Part way through, the washing machine finished and so i hung out the washing to dry – it being a beautiful sunny day, if a little cool.

Once the floors were mopped, i checked the other rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms and made sure they were all clean and tidy before venturing downstairs to Mistress’ daughters room.  i was able to tidy and clean Her bathroom to a degree but left a lot of things still in a packing box, not being sure where i should put them.  Her bedr0om was impossible for She has so many dresses, shoes and other things i really did not know where to begin and by now, i was lacking in both energy and time.  It was a s if She had barely moved in before having to leave to go on-site and had had to simply just grab what She could from wherever it might have been.  i brought in the washing that was now dry and took the still damp washing to dry in the garage so that i would be able to iron everything when next i go there.

i left without changing back to my male attire and returned home and then back to work.  Once again, my only nervous moment was pulling into my driveway but all was well.  It felt wonderful to have been out and about “en femme” and i was sorry to have to change back into male outer clothes before returning to my desk.

Today, Wednesday was an ordinary day at work, spent in male clothes all day but with a lovely pink lace and ruffled bra and panties underneath.  i have still heard nothing from alison and just hope she would write and say something and let me know she is ok even if she is not happy about continuing the lifestyle.  Maybe something has happened at work or she has been compromised in some other way – it is difficult not knowing, i just hope she is ok.

For my part, i am increasingly impressed by my breasts.  A week ago, Mistress managed to squeeze out clear fluid from my right breast and today i managed to do so from both my nipples.  i can feel solid tissue behind each nipple these days and my breasts are definitely much larger and heavier.  They now bounce when i trot and the sensation is wonderful.  i am now more confident that i will one day lactate which i so want to do as a gift from me to Mistress for i know that it would turn Her on enormously.

Tonight, i removed the pink nail polish from my toe nails and re-painted them with a “dark cherry” colour which i like a lot.  i did of course give myself a bit of a pedicure first and while not as good an effort as i would get professionally, i have to say they look nice and make me feel quite the girl!