Prom season and some beautiful dresses.

One of my lifelong regrets is that i was unable to come out as transgender while still in my teens.  Not only would i have been villified in my small rural England community had i done so but at that age i was still confused as to why i, a boy, wanted so much to dress and live as a girl.  i thought it was a phase i was going through and that the more masculine i behaved the quicker the desire to be female would go.  Of course, it didn’t work and i continued to be my feminine self in secret, always envious of the real girls i could see around me and the beautiful clothes they got to wear.  None more beautiful of course than the dresses they wore for the school Prom or, at Universtiy, the college ball.  i so wanted to join them in wearing a beautiful ball gown and so often, while dancing with my partner, wished it was me in her dress.

Well, it sees that it is Prom season again and Unique Vintage have some truly beautiful “high-low” dresses designed just for such an occasion and i love them all because while they are gowns, they still enable the wearer to show their legs to advantage.  Here are just a few that i particularly like.  

A beautiful coral dress with cascading tiered ruffles on the high low skirt. With an embellished waist, and a pleated sweetheart neckline this stunning number will surely turn heads.

This eye-catching ivory gown is impossible to ignore! A fabulous high-low dress dripping with sequins from the sweetheart bodice past the elegant empire waist and cascading delicately to the floor. Enthralling when in movement, stately when stationary.

An adorable prom dress! I adore red and the colour suits me. This dress has a sweetheart neckline and an empire waist and looks a fun high-low dress!

This is a gorgeous prom dress in sage green, another colour that i like. It has a fitted chiffon dress with a flowy chiffon hi-low overlay and a strapless neckline.

and finally my favourite, this dress has a gorgeous red sequin sweetheart bodice with high-low chiffon skirt. The colour has me written all over it!





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