Thursday October 21st 2010 – back in male mode with feminine underwear and butt plug

After two wonderful days in which i was able to be “en femme” for most of the time, today is back to male mode with wife at home all day and a series of business meetings both at my home office and in the city.  i deliberately try to arrange such meetings for days when my wife is at home so as to keep those days when i can be feminine free.  Normally that is just Fridays but occasionally, such as this week, i am alone in the office all week and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are also free.

Tomorrow will be an “en femme” day again but i shall go to Mistress Ana’s house and clean and iron clothes as well as do some of the other chores She has set for me.  i may even dare to travel to and from Her house “en femme.”  Many of the tasks i have to carry out for Mistress are outdoors in Her garden or on balconies clearly visible from the street.  This does not worry me and i actually look forward to being “en femme” in public.

For the moment though, i have to get through today in male mode over pink and black lacy matching bra and panties.  Butt plug is in place and has been for a couple of days now as i try to get back into wearing it 24/7.  So far so good.

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