September 27th 2010 – butt plugged 24/7?

Four full days now without removing the butt plug other than briefly when needing to use the toilet.  i confess that i was beginning to feel tender around those parts by the time i got to bed having spent much of the day sitting working at my desk but this morning it was fine and even now as i approach bedtime after a similar sedentary day, the tenderness is only just beginning to bother me.  i am starting to feel confident that i can continue with this 24/7.

Something i forgot to mention yesterday is the effect of hypnotic feminisation.  i tried this once before for a week and felt then that it had made a profound difference to the way i felt.  While on this trip, i have hypnosis recordings with their subliminal messages on feminisation playing throughout the night as i slept.  The effect is tangible i think for i notice myself thinking and moving in a more feminine manner now without actually consciously making the effort.

i find that i am behaving in a much more placid way than usual too.  Frustrations with computing and IT issues at work do not have me screaming abuse at Microsoft to the same extent that i would do normally and so i think the combination of hormones and the subconscious subliminal feminisation programming must be having an effect.

i have managed to chat with both Mistress Ana and Lady Dynah these last couple of days and shared my pictures taken at the weekend with them both.  Both considered that i looked great and i have to say that i felt great.  However, it is reassuring to get positive feedback and it makes me feel all the more girlish.

Although i am in Lima, Peru, i have not been able to get in touch with Goddess Joyce.  She has not answered phone calls or returned them after messages and has not been online either.  i know She wants to see me because She sent me an email the day i arrived wanting to know when we might get together again but nothing since.  Today i called Her mother, Senora Sylvia, but She was out also -so i will try again tomorrow.  It is all very unusual, not getting any response.

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