Sweater dress & Suede booties

I love this look that i found on “Wendy’s Lookbook” and just had to share it.  The look is just easy and comfortable  with a sweater dress on which Wendy added a belt to shorten the length and suede booties.
Dress :: AllSaints (obsessed with this AllSaints bomber!)
Shoes :: Gianvito Rossi (old)
Bag :: Chanel
Accessories :: Dylanlex necklace, Karen Walker sunglasses,
Deborah Lippmann ‘Fade to black’ polish

Tightline Eyes Tips for Crossdressers and Transgender Women

I have become quite proficient these days at applying make up but i have to admit that i still find the application of eye-liner the most difficult aspect.  So, when i came across this article I had to try it out and I have to say that it works – i now have little or no trouble applying eye liner.  So, if you too are struggling with eye liner and eye make up in general, click on the link and and hopefully you too will find a way to overcome the difficulties your are having.

Tightline Eyes Tips for Crossdressers and Transgender Women




Being married myself and loving my wife very much, i have experienced an emotional rollercoaster over our 40 years of marriage.  My wife has known of my cross-dressing for the entire duration of our marriage and has more recently learned of my desire to live as a woman.  We have over the years come to a mutual understanding over my need to be feminine at least some of the time but it was not an easy road.  I came across this posting on “Sissy Spot” and it tells of a course so similar to the one my wife and i have navigated to a very similar outcome and i immediately thought that it might well be helpful to others who are in the same situation.  Click on the link below and read on beyond the opening paragraph on boots and booties.



3 Things Every Woman Should Know About High Heels

I love high heels, in fact, the higher the better.  However, i am also well aware of how painful they can be to wear for prolonged periods or if you don’t get the fit just right.  For transgender M2F people and cross-dressers, learning about high heels can be a bit hit or miss so i thought that the followig article i found on “Ask a Stylist” might prove to be very useful for my transgender and cross-dressing friends.
The article is written by MICAELA ERLANGER, a regular contriutor to “Ask a Stylist” and offers some very useful tips and insights into selecting and wearing heels.  The article covers the construction of heeled shoes, materials, and brands as well as different styles, heels sizes and shoe widths.  There is something for everyone in the article so click on the link below and enjoy it.

3 Things Every Woman Should Know About High Heels

Micaela Erlanger

Just some of the styles on show.

DRESS UP – with Brands Exclusive

Brands Exclusive have a lot of dresses on special offer this week and invite you to find a fabulous frock you’ll love in their stylish Dress Up sale. Featuring a wide array of cuts, colours and prints, there’s something for every stylish woman in this versatile collection. Styling Tip: Team a feminine frock in a pastel hue with an edgy leather jacket and studded heels to create a cutting-edge contrast.  There really are many many dresses to choose from and so i thought i would share a selection of dresses that interested me.
i love lace and the colour red so this MABEL DRESS was bound to catch my eye.

Pink is also a favourite colour of mine and i like the lines of this KAYLA DRESS with the close fit bodice and flared skirt.

Again, i like the simple lines and flared skirt in this red EMILY DRESS

2016-05-12_21-10-43More red lace in this ROYLENE DRESS and i do like the ties on the sleeves
Red again with a flared skirt and close fitting bodice and the black check design really gets me going for this AMY DRESS
More lace, green this time, a colour which i love to wear with my red hair, and this ELAINE DRESS would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe.
2016-05-12_21-28-26Blue is not really my colour but i do love the lines on this gorgeous LENA DRESS with its lace, tight bodice and flared skirt.  i like the shear polka-dotted white sleeves too.
2016-05-12_21-31-56Last but not least, more lace, pink this time in this BALLARI DRESS
Take a look at the whole collection on offer, no dress is more than $100.





Jady Rose designs unique and beautifully-crafted footwear that inspires and delights intelligent, free-thinking owners worldwide. Each individual shoe is handled with the utmost care and respect. The stunning styling and imaginative use of cut, colour, leathers, fabrics and striking detail has caught the eye of fashionistas everywhere including me.
There are a lot of Jady Rose shoes currently on offer through Brands Exclusive and here are just a few of the designs that caught my eye.


JADY ROSE, PUMPS, red calf leather with 10cm heel – just $109 + shipping ($430 value).  i really do like the style and of course, anything red is a favourite of mine.


JADY ROSE, LACE UPS, pink calf leather – just $99.95 + shipping ($400 value).  Oh so pink and oh so sissy!  I would love a pair of these.


JADY ROSE, PUMPS, black calf leather polka dot – $99.95 + shipping ($380 value).  I love polka dots and these with a 9cm heel are lovely.


JADY ROSE, PUMPS, blue calf leather – $99.95 + shipping ($380 value).  Not necessarily my colour but stylish and available also in red which is my colour!


JADY ROSE, SANDALS in red calf leather – $99.95 + shipping ($400 value). i love this pinkish red colour and the strappy style.


JADY ROSE, PUMPS, wine calf leather – $109 + shipping ($430 value).  I like this funky heel design – certainly different!
Check out all of the other designs on sale at Brands Exclusive.