Unique Vintage Flapper Sale

For anyone who likes the “Flapper” look, take a peak at Unique Vintage’s current “Flapper” sale where you can find a terrific range of gorgeous “Flapper” style dresses going from as little as $125 with savings of as much as $273!


Just one of the many designs – Presenting the Carraway dress, a striking reproduction flapper that mesmerizes in black and subtle white, crafted in a jazz age inspired 1920s silhouette with a modern twist. A sleeveless, sheer backed bodice is intricately hand beaded in subtle sequins and tiered fringe, descending into a symmetrical floral design bordered with generous side beading against supple mesh, while a light tier of black fringe frames the knees, lending cheeky movement.

Prosthetic Vagina

Several weeks ago, i ordered a prosthetic vagina on-line and it arrived the day before iwent away on vacation.  As a result, i was not able to really try it out and get a feel for it before iwent away.  One thing i did discover though was that although i was supposed to be able to pee while wearing it, sitting down of course, my cock or boi clittie, is so small that lining it up with the opening was nigh on impossible and the results of trying to pee with it on were messy and wet to say the least.
All the time i was away, i pondered this problem and my first solution was to attach a condom to my penis using a small silicon ring, pull the condom through the urethral slit and cut off the end.  The problem with this was that while it should have worked and did to a degree, there were occasions when the pressure build up was too great and urine was forced back up and out from the top of the condom.
So, i had to think of another tack.  In the end, i discovered that although small, the urethral opening was elastic enough to stretch over the head of my boi clittie which, being small anyway, did not look out of place once the vagina was fully fitted.  So, that is how i now wear it and i am happy to say it is both comfortable, clean and hygienic.

Vagina up-skirt

Here is a cheeky little upskirt view of my new vagina!  i have to say it feels comfortable and does not look too bad.  i would be interested to hear any thoughts or comments.

Roxie goes shopping for bargains

i had a couple of opportunities this last week to go shopping and did wonderfully well, first picking up 3 pairs of ballet flats for just $24!  i do not usually wear flat heels, preferring my footwear to have at least 3″ heels but right now, with my knee giving me a lot of grief and problably more grief still in the first few weeks after my forthcoming surgery, i felt i needed some nice flat heels so finding these 3 pairs was a godsend!  Also, Mistress Ana insists these days that i wear flat heels when i am doing her housework so as to protect her polished wooden floor so once again the ballet flats met a need.

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The following day, i had an hour to kill while my wife was having a bone density test at a local hospital so i wandered to a nearby shopping mall where i found a great little boutique that had some gorgeous dresses on a $10 rack!  i picked out these two lovely dresses.

New dress 1 New dress 2 New dress 2b

I was not able to try the dresses on that day but was able to do so when i went to Mistress Ana’s house yesterday.  Mistress Ana is away at the moment but i still needed to go there to make sure all was well and do some housework.  I was able to quickly take the pictures of myself in my new dresses before i did a small amount of ironing and then dusted all the surfaces in the house, swept and then polished the wooden floor having first changed my footwear from the wedge heels i wore to model the dresses to the black pair of ballet flats shown above.
i noticed that someone had used the house over thee weekend for theire were weekend newspapers in the lounge and a few dishes in the sink which i washed before i left for home.  It felt lovely to be Roxie once more, fully “en femme” wearing my bargain purchases and the only downside was that Mistress was not there for i would have loved to have heard her comments on my choice of dresses.  i also miss her a lot and will be doing so all the more over the coming weeks.
i go into hospital on Wednesday morning for my surgery and am told it will be at least 3 weeks possibly even 6 weeks before i will be able to drive again which will mean i shall be reliant on my wife for getting around which obviously eliminates Mistress’ house from my itinerary. 

TOM FORD Patent-leather Sandals

TOM FORD Patent-leather Sandals

I just had to share these patent leather sandals from Tom Ford not just because i adore really high stiletto heels, ankle straps and patent leather but also because i love the idea of them being lockable with their cute little padlock on the ankle strap -not that if i were wearing them i would ever want to take them off but the thought of linking high fashion footwear to a little BDSM fetish turns me on.
TOM FORD’s classic black sandals are embellished with the designer’s signature polished gold padlock and key – specially galvanized so it won’t lose its shine. This glossy patent-leather pair is secured at the ankle by a slim strap. The iconic faceted ‘spike’ heel is made from steel to ensure a confident stride.
Heel measures approximately 105mm/ 4 inches Black patent-leather Buckle-fastening ankle strap.
Available at $990 from Net-A-Porter

Wear it with Tom Ford silk crepe de chine shirt ($1,790), J Crew Collection metallic ribbed jersey skirt ($150), Tom Ford Alix textured-leather clutch ($2,490), Lynn Ban Coil 14-carat gold ring ($2,300), Yossi Harari Lilah 19-carat gold diamond ring ($8,325) all from from Net-A-Porter provided you can afford them yourself or have a rich sugar daddy.  If you are like me you will find the same style in cheaper outlets.

Crossdresser Shame – Secrecy, Silence and Judgment

Vanessa Law, author and owner of Crossdresser Heaven website posted the following article today and i feel it is well worth re-posting here for it sums up what so many crossdressers, transvestites and transgender people have had to deal with and points to a way of defeating that sense of shame that we have all felt at some stage in our respective journeys.  I felt i had to add my own “ME TOO!” 

Crossdresser Shame – Secrecy, Silence and Judgment

Are you ashamed of crossdressing?

Back home again!

I returned home from my vacation last Sunday morning after a month touring north eastern Europe with wife and a couple of friends.  We had a terrific time although for the duration of the vacation, Roxie had to give way for my male persona and so you can imagine how desperate i felt to get home and slip back into female mode.  The last time i had been able to be Roxie was te last time i visited Mistress Ana, just 2 days before we set off on our vacation.
On that occasion, Mistress had me drive her to the house of another of her slaves, P who is a masochist and loves to be punished and i mean punished, severely.  He is extremely kinky and although i have never met him, i have heard a lot about him from Mistress and know that he is quite keen to meet me and have me service him orally.  He works away a lot and has given Mistress a key to his house and has told her that she can use it whenever she wishes and i know Mistress has plans to arrange some very interesting D/s sessions there with a number of participants.
On the day in question, Mistress took me there to do a little housework before P returned and also to pick some cherry tomatoes from vines he has in his garden.

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Of course, Mistress Ana took the pictures and has shown them to P who was apparently delighted by them and is looking forward to having some fun with me before too long.
When we got back to Mistress’ we discovered that my prosthetic vagina had arrived.  i have long wanted to have one of these for i can see no point in wearing a gaff to hide my male parts when i can do just the same with a prosthetic vagina and actually look feminine.  Sadly, there was no time to try it on so i had to wait until i got home.  No pictures of it yet, i need to first work out how best to fit it so that i can carry out all bodily functions while wearing it.  I will post a separate article on this in due course.
Today, i returned to Mistress’ house and it was terrific to see her again.  Today, she had me colour the roots of her hair so it was Roxie in hairdresser mode.  This was the first time i had done such a thing so i was quite nervous but it looked as if it was going to work although in truth i never got to see the result because i had to leave before Mistress had rinsed off the colouring agent.  In between the various stages of colouring her hair i did her ironing.
Mistress goes to Thailand on Friday for her daughter’s wedding and will be away for some time.  I will shortly be going into hospital for a knee replacement surgery whuch will take at least 6 weeks before i will be able to drive a car again so it looks like we will not be seeing each other fro some time.  At least though, once the surgery is over with and i have full recovered, i will be able to wear heels again without crippling myself!