For those transgender women among us who have been lucky enough to be able to continue our careers and maintain an important role in dealing with clients in regular meetings, we have to be very conscious of our dress and probably need to take it up a level on those days where we have an important meeting.  “MEMORANDUM” is a blog by Mary Orton that covers stylish office wear as well as off-duty style and dress for other occasions and has some very sound advice.  She recently posted a blog titled:- 


and i liked the look she created so much as well as the additional tips and advice that she offered that i thought it well worth sharing.
In this look, Mary opted for a cropped, bouclé, double-breasted suit jacket. The texture of the jacket plays well with the texture of the pale salmon pink sheath dress featuring architectural lines that give it a little extra oomph than your average plain jane sheath. She married the two together with a black and gold waist belt, and black accessories. For footwear, while she might wear a classic pair of simple black pumps to an interview, this pair of detailed ankle strap pumps adds a bit more interest for a client meeting ensemble.

Gemstone Lingerie; the RC Private Collection – Kristal Line

Being a geologist, i would find anything to do with minerals irresistible and being transgender M2F, a line in lingerie with its items named after gemstones is bound to attract my attention.  Then, when it is as sensual and feminine and sexy as the RC Private Collection – Kristal Line, available from Cotton Club, it becomes a passionate desire to own.  Oh where oh where is my rich sugar daddy?  Click on the images below to find out the gemstone for which the garment is named.


Lise Charmel Lingerie – Exotic Indie New !

I just had to share this new line in lingerie from Lise Charnel.  It is called Exotic Indie and exotic it certainly is and comprises quite a range of items.


The range features exceptional adornments that enhance female beauty and provide an elegant finish to the finest evenings.  The lingerie exhibits russet chips that are radiant and sensual for a sumptuous seductive look.  This remarkable line of lingerie offers softness and comfort, thanks to a super soft stretch tulle.  The colour is Black Indie, an intense black color, which, with vanilla and russet embroidery, embellished with rhinestones and Swarovski crystals, provides a luxurious dimension to this line.


Body Shape

We all of us like to look our best whether we are a genetic woman, a transgender woman or a cross-dresser and we typically dress to promote out good points and draw attention away from those parts of us that we consider could be in need of some improvement.  So, body shape is important in the way we dress but i wonder how many of us know just how important our body shape is as well as how best to accommodate that shape and look good all of the time.
I have become a big fan of Imogen Lamport andher blog “Inside Out Style” and recently she has been devoting a lot of posts to the issue of body shape and how best to first determine your body shape and then subsequently how best to show it off in your style of dress.



This is a really good place to start and provides all the information you might need to work out your body shape.



This article clears away some of the myths about whether we have a defined waist or not and provides us with the means of working out for ourselves whether our shape is “waisted” or “straight”.
Finally, once you have worked out your body shape, it is time to download the Body shape Bible.



The post provides links to bibles for every body shape or you can get your Body Shape Bible below:
I shape bible
H shape bible
X shape bible
8 shape bible
V shape bible
O shape bible
A shape bible
I am an X-shape and have dowmloaded my Body Shape bible already and am delighting in putting some sound advice into practice.
Of course, this is only the beginning of a style discovery journey because body shape is just one component in a complex formula.  the next step is to find your style and where better to begin than:-



Girls night out and an afternoon at the shops

Lady Dynah and i agreed to meet up last night at Le Passion on Bathurst in North York, Toronto.  However, the plans change slightly in so much as we agreed that i should go first to her house which of course i did.  Dressed in my skort, purple panty hose and purple jumper and wearig my newly purchased winnter coat, i was way to warmly dressed for the sudden warm weather that has hit Toronto!  Temperatures getting up well into the teens yesterday and this is the warmest i have found Toronto in 17 years of coming to the city in the first week of March!  i had packed for the usual sub-zero temperatures, snow on the ground and a severe wind chill!  Needless to say, i was well and truly warm when i arrived at Lady Dynah’s house and met for the first time her sons Albert and Emmanuel as well as her good friend Rex though in his case not for the first time.
I discovered then that the good news was that Lady Dynah has finally passed her driving test and now has a car! However, she insisted that i drove and that we also drove to her good friend Karen’s apartment to collect her to join us for the evening which i did happily.  Karen has known me for several years since we went out with Lady Dynah on another occasion when i was visiting Toronto and at a number of events since.  Next we drove to Le Passion only to find it was closed on a Thursday – can you believe that?  So we next went to another place, a place Lady Dynah and I had been to before for a night of dancing.  Here we can see the three of us sitting like wallflowers, reluctant to dance because it was clear that Thursday night is a night for those who can really dance and not just shuffle.
Lady Dynah (left), Karen (centre) and your’s truly on the right, 3 wallflowers!
We were not wallflowers the entire night however for a number of guys came up and asked Lady Dynah and Karen to dance and Lady Dynah did oblige.  However, no one asked me and i was not really surprised because for some reason none of the men in the establishment were as tall as me!  i was the tallest person there and would have been intimidating for most of not all of the guys.  I did get up and dance though when the three of us got up and shuffled along to some modern music after the waltzes, quick steps and tangos had finished.
We left around 11.30pm and drove home to Lady Dynah’s, dropping Karen on the way.  Both Karen and Lady Dynah had an early start with work the next day and i need to get the subway back to my apartment before the subway closed at 1.00am (i think).  Lady Dynah and i did agree however that we wouldspend the day together on Saturday and do something special, driving out of town somewhere with some of her other girlfriends.
Friday dawned and i found i had quite a number of emails and business things to deal with before i could get out and about as Roxie.  Not that i tackled these business related issues in male mode, no, i remained “en femme” albeit in my PJs.  It was gone noon by the time i was ready to go out and go out i did.  The unexpected warm weather has precipitated a need for me to buy a cooler top so i went looking for a blouse, preferably cheap from a sale.  i went first into the Eaton Centre and to H&M where i found a number of tops that i liked, four in all, and took them all to the fitting rooms.
i liked them all but the first, the one in red, was too big, the salmon pink or peach coloured was perhaps just a little too tiht, the black and white one fit nicely as did the black one which, because it was $10 cheaper than the black and white one and because i also thought it looked sexier, was the one i decided to buy.  I then wandered aroud the Eaton Centre and completed my shopping with a few cosmetic items and some hair clips that i need for my new wig to prevent the hair from falling over my eyes every time i bend or lean forward before sitting down for a coffee.  With time to kill i checked out both La Vie En Rose and La Senza once more as well as Victorias Secret, Payless Shoes and other shoe stores, Steve Madden included, before browsing around a sex shop which was fun if nothing else.  i found nothin in any of the stores that i wanted or could afford and wanted so wandered back to my apartment around 5.00pm. 
Once back in the apartment i had to try on my new blouse and am delighted with it.  I think it looks good with the skort and leggings!


So good in fact that this was how i dressed to go out to a local pub to get my Friday fish and chips!  i went to the Duke of Westminster on Adelaide St. which was very busy when i arrived with the TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) crowd having their end of week beers but by the time i had had two large glasses of a Spanish Grenache which was very nice and a delicious plate of beer battered haddock and chips, the pub was thinning out noticeably.
So, i decided to take my leave and wander back to the aaprtment and enter this blog of my last 24 hours in Toronto.  As yet i have still not heard from Lady Dynah regarding what is happening tomorrow so we shall have to wait and see.

Pampering myself

Today was the first day of 5 in which i can be Roxie all day.  i began the day leisurely, staying in my PJs until after breakfast.  i showered, shaved and applied my make-up before contacting Lady Dynah and agreeing to meet up for a drink in a bar close to her house this evening.  i then caught up with some emails and work related things before heading out to a local salon where i had my eyebrows threaded and a manicure, all for just $21.