Lingerie Trend Roundup: Prints and Embellishments for Spring/Summer 2017

The Lingerie Addict published an article by  QUINNE MYERS recently that summarised the trends in lingerie for the coming Spring/Summer of 2017.  Rather than repeat the post here i will recommend it as a read and suggest you follow the link below and enjoy the pictures here.

Lingerie Trend Roundup: Prints and Embellishments for Spring/Summer 2017

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Pants are not usually my thing but i have to confess to a liking for the flared culottes in this look from “TSANGTASTIC” which add elegance to the look and are so much better than just jeans or shorts.
The culottes are by Zara and they go so well with the blue ruffled top by J.H. Zane and the Sam Edelman boots.  The bag is by Rebecca Minkoff and compliments everything. 


Another very useful article posted by Imogen Lamport on her “Inside Out Style” blog page.  Knowing which colours suit us is not quite enough because colours can also either compliment or fight one a npther and so it is useful to have some guidelines as to how to structure your wardrobe from a colour coordinated point of view.  Take a look by clicking on the link below.


Open Back Pieces

I do not own or have ever worn anything with an open back but i have to confess to loving the look even tough it is not for me.  I recently encountered a post entitled “13 Open Back Pieces We’re Loving For Fall” on the “Closet Heroes” blog.  Some of the styles and looks are absolutely gorgeous and so i thought i should share them.  

13 Open Back Pieces We’re Loving For Fall

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I have given my thoughts about each look and hope there are s ome that appeal to everyone.

Draped jumpsuit & Lace bodysuit

I am not one to normally go fr pants or jump-suits but i do rather like this one which i found on “Wendy’s Lookbook” recently.  The post entitled “Draped jumpsuit & Lace bodysuit” features an ASOS jumpsuit coupled with a layered lace bodysuit to give a high neckline and a peek-a-boo effect.

Draped jumpsuit & Lace bodysuit

Jumpsuit :: ASOS (similar ASOS bodysuit underneath)
Shoes :: Manolo Blahnik
Bag :: Prada
Accessories :: Karen Walker sunglasses, Wendy’s Lookbook x Mejuri rings.

Stylish elegance – Errandi by Malene Birger

Although blue is not my colour i love the style of this combined top and skirt and so had to share it.  Called Errandi which is ne of many gorgeous designs by  MALENE BIRGER available through Forward, i think it has style and elegance and is well set off by the Gianbvito Rossi pumps and the St. Laurant clutch.

The Top

The skirt

The top and skirt are both “dusty blue melange” in colour and comprise a mix of 52% viscose, 22% poly, 15% polyamide and 11% metallic yarn.  The top costs a mere $574.98 and the skirt just $507.34 from Forward.
The Gianvito Rossi Velvet Plexi Pumps set off the top and skirt perfectly and are aso available from Forward for just $1,059.97 whereas the Saint Laurent Mirror Monogram Clutch with tassel is made in metallic calfskin leather with suede lining and gold tone hardware will set you back just $1,853, also from Forward.
I would desperately need a rich sugar daddy to purchase any one of these items but will settle for loving the combined look and finding it somewhat cheaper.