Roxie enjoys herself in Toronto

i arrived very early on Thursday morning and it would have been after 2.00am before i got to bed. i slept through until 11.30am, showered and shaved all over my body, applied make-up, had breakfast, dressed and then went out to the shops. Firstly i re-activated my Toronto cell phone and then bought some groceries. Next i phoned Lady Dynah and arranged to meet her the next day.
By now it was early evening and i was hungry so i went out again to a small Jazz Bistro that is on the same block as my apartment but on the opposite side of the road. This is how i was dressed for the day and how i went out in the evening. The picture was taken in the apartment i was renting.
Dressed ready to go out shopping
Dressed ready to go out shopping.
At the Bistro, i was greeted by a lovely young girl at the door in a delightful and pretty mini-dress and i complimented her on it straight away and noted in particular that the unusual shade of orange in her shoes matched one of the flowers in the print of her dress. This exchange made her very happy and she sat me at a table where i could see the piano player and the bar and most of the restaurant – it was one of the best tables in the place. The barman, Daniel, came over to ask me what i would like to drink and i decided on a glass of red wine and ordered my meal a the same time. The music from the piano was lovely. Daniel asked me if i was staying for the show and i replied that having just arrived from Australia i was tired and would not stay to which he replied by asking me how long was my journey, where in Australia did i live and so on. i felt very comfortable in this place and enjoyed my meal before going to collect my coat as i left. The girl on the coat check was of mixed race with gorgeous black curly hair and she too was very nice and we chatted for a while as i pulled on my coat, again mostly about my journey to Toronto and why i had travelled there. By now it was 9.00pm and i was very very tired and so returned to the apartment and straight to bed.
i slept late on Friday, not getting up until 9.30am but feeling fine and in the time zone. i showered, shaved, applied my make-up, dressed, had breakfast, deal with important work related emails and then called Lady Dynah to make sure we were still on for our planned girls afternoon! All was good and i set off for the Metro to travel the half-hour journey to her house. i was dressed exactly the same as on Thursday because i had not brought too many clothes due in large part to the difficulty i had in getting them into my suitcase without my wife noticing. i arrived at Lady Dynah’s house at 1.00pm. It is a small 3 bedroom basement apartment really and it is full for she now has two of her 3 children living with her (her eldest daughter has moved out on her own) as well as a couple of her elder daughter’s friends who are sharing one room. It is all very compact and cosy but does not lend itself for the BDSM activities that Lady Dynah enjoys and so our afternoon had to be entirely vanilla.
We went to a ladies spa run by a Filipino friend of Lady Dynah’s and we both had manicures and pedicures and i also had my eyebrows trimmed and shaped. The girl who did my nails and eyebrows is also a transgender girl and she was very nice and offered to help me and show me around Toronto when i come next time, giving me her phone and email details. We spent the entire afternoon in the spa, chatting with the owner, her staff of three and some of the other customers. Again, i felt very comfortable and at home, thoroughly enjoying being out and about as the woman i really am.
After the spa, we went shopping for some Filipino foods in a shop nearby and then headed back to Lady Dynah’s house. By now it was bitterly cold and even though we both had very heavy warm coats, scarves, gloves and hats, the temperature with the wind chill factor was -20 degrees and there was nowhere out of the wind while we waited for the bus.
Once we got back to Lady Dynah’s, her younger daughter and one of the two friends were home. We had a hot drink to warm us through and then set about preparing dinner – or rather Lady Dynah did. i often get to do the cooking but this time Lady Dynah insisted on preparing a Filipino dish for dinner. We chatted while dinner was being prepare and Lady Dynah told me about her love life which is currently non-existent and she has just finished a relationship with one guy because with her work, having all her family with her in Canada at last and the pressure of them all living in the tiny house was all too much. Apparently this guy she has just finished with has taken it really badly, is madly jealous and has found my blog and is also now following me on other web pages and is giving Dynah a hard time over me. However, Lad Dynah is a tough cookie and has put him in his place and he has backed off a little. However, when i got home i checked him out and found that he had indeed subscribed to my blog and my Facebook page!
After dinner which was lovely and washed down with red wine, i headed back to my rented apartment. It was now 11.00pm ad the temperature outside was even colder and i was shivering by the time i got on the train. However, i warmed up on the train and only had a short walk from the station on Queen St. to my apartment. It was after midnight again by the time i got to bed.
On Saturday, again i woke a little late, around 9.30am, showered, shaved and applied my make-up as usual before dressing and making myself breakfast. i felt really feminine with my red painted nails but realised too that i had to go out and buy nail varnish remover because i would have to remove the polish before i went to the conference which started the next day. i also needed some make-up remover wipes and so once i had finished breakfast, i went off to the shops. i bought all of the items i needed plus a pair of patterned black panty hose that was reduced in price to a bargain $2. Next i found a coffee shop and stayed a while enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the world go by. Yesterday, i had invited Lady Dynah to join me for dinner and needed to check if she was available for she had to work and was not sure whether she would be finished in time. So, i set her a text message from the coffee shop to see if she was going to join me. The idea was also that she would be able to stay the night with me in my apartment and so be able to play a little BDSM.
By now it was mid- afternoon and so i went shopping again to a wig shop that i know that is close to my rented apartment here. i was looking for a short feminine style, similar to the one i wear a lot but in a redder colour. i tried on several, some wavy, some curly, some straight and finally decided on one which feels lovely, the hair is so soft and shiny and it is more my colour. However, i did not wear it out yet because the people in the apartment block now know me with the original wig which was a gift from Lady Dynah last year and i wanted also to keep wearing that wig for Lady Dynah.
As i walked back to the apartment, i had to pass the Jazz Bistro again and decided that it being Saturday, i had best book a table for two just in case Lady Dynah could make it. Unfortunately, after i got back to the apartment, Lady Dynah phoned to apologise and tell me she could not make it because she was working until 8.00pm. i had booked a table for 8.00pm and the Jazz show started at 9.00pm and the restaurant liked to have all of the food served before the show started. So, i was going to be on my own. i phoned the restaurant and changed my booking and instead of a table for two i was given a seat at the corner of the bar, up against a wall but still with a good view of the stage and the musicians.
So, now i needed to get ready. i shaved again and re-applied my make-up before slipping into one of the two dresses i bought in Santiago in Chile shortly before Christmas. This is how i looked before i headed out to the Bistro.
Ready to hit the town!
Ready to hit the town!
Dressed to kill?
Dressed to kill?
At the bistro, there was a different girl on the door, the same girl who had taken my booking, and she greeted me very nicely and the coat check girl remembered me and welcomed me back. i felt wonderful! I was led to my seat by the bar and Daniel, the bar man also remembered me and welcomed me back. i ordered a Toronto Blonde – a cocktail based on gin that was invented by Daniel. It was delicious! To my right, there were three other seats at the bar that were empty but all reserved. A guy came in and was given a seat not next to me but the one two seats away. However, he decided he would sit right next to me! i knew i looked good and sexy with my short skirt riding high up my legs and wondered if his decision to move alongside me might have been influenced by my appearance and whether he was going to try and chat me up. Well he did strike up a conversation, general at first like asking where i was from because he had heard my voice ordering my meal and then the conversation moved on and began covering all sorts of things including the music, the quartet we were going to be hearing in the show, travel, work and many other topics. i was enjoying his company very much. Our respective meals came along with a bottle of red wine (Argentine malbec) that i had ordered myself and then the music began. The Don Thompson quartet put on a terrific show, great music with Don himself on the vibes, a guitar, a bass and a drummer. At the interval, my new friend got up to go to the toilet and returned saying that he had found a table for two that was empty and with a great view of the quartet and would i like to join him there which of course i did. i was now sat up against another wall with him to my right, boxing me into my space. Over the interval we discovered that both of us were married, we shared our names and our professions (he is a pilot for Air Canada and based in Vancouver and was only in town for one night). In addition, i had told him that i had grandchildren and he was asking me about how i managed to be a mother and to be successful as a geologist and i told him that when my children were young my husband and i were living in Africa and the Middle East and were able to afford a nanny. He clearly was convinced that i was a genuine woman. He also then quite casually and within the context of our conversation began talking about sexual relationships and the need to have a physical as well as a mental attraction. He went on to say how much he was enjoying meeting me and our conversation. It was at this point that i realised he might be looking for something extra from me and my mind began to think of how i might escape his attentions if things developed further in that direction. But i need not have worried. He asked if he could take my photo and i said of course as long as he allowed me to take one of him and that he promised to email me both pictures. Here are the pictures, first me and then my new friend, Peter.
Roxie at Jazz Bistro
Roxie at Jazz Bistro
Peter at Jazz Bistro
Peter at Jazz Bistro
The music continued after the interval and then when it finished we carried on our conversation back at the bar along with Don Thompson and the members of his quartet, the barman Daniel, the coat check girl, the girl on the door, and the restaurant owner. i had another Toronto Blonde and persuaded Daniel the barman to give me the recipe. By now it was midnight and Peter, my new friend, had to leave for he was to be flying the following morning so we said our goodbyes and left separately. i had thoroughly enjoyed my evening and felt especially pleased with myself for my voice had not given me away the whole night chatting with a guy who thought me to be an attractive and interesting woman. Also, the bar man, Daniel, and the other staff at the Bistro were all lovely and treated me as a woman. This has done wonders for my confidence at being out and about as Roxie.



Mistress Ana has fun with her two sissy slaves

It is 2 weeks now since i last saw Mistress Ana and it was the first time i had visited her along with Lucy, Mistress’ new slave.  Lucy is not a true sissy, Mistress just has her wear a skimpy maid’s uniform whenever she visits.  i doubt that Lucy would cross-dress at all if it were up to her.  On this occasion, i arrived at Mistress’ house early and was dressed fully “en femme” when the time arrived for me to go and collect Lucy from a nearby rendezvous point.  i had to bring her to Mistress’ house blindfold because until Lucy becomes fully established as a reliable slave, Mistress does not wish her to know exactly where she lives.
So, i collected Lucy who changed into her maid’s uniform on arrival.
Lucy in her maid's uniform
Lucy in her maid’s uniform
Mistress then detailed a number of chores for us all and left it to me to determine who did what.  i set Lucy on dusting while i went outside and cleaned the barbeque and then did the ironing while Lucy swept and mopped the floors.  Of course, with two of us doing the household chores the work would be finished in good time and so Mistress was able to have some fun.  Our work was interupted firstly by Mistress having Lucy use her tongue on Mistress’ pussy while i suckled on her breasts.  Later, we were stopped working again and the roles were reversed.  On each occasion though, when Mistress had had enough of our respective labial attentions, Mistress had me suck on Lucy’s cock.  
Roxie begins to suck Lucy's cock
Roxie begins to suck Lucy’s cock
Roxie takes it all in
Roxie takes it all in
This forced bi is not something i particularly enjoy but Mistress enjoys watching me do it and so i am happy to do so and twice on this day i took Lucy’s cock into my  mouth and gave it a good sucking.  On each occassion however, Mistress called a halt before Lucy could cum although on each occasion i did get a taste of her pre-cum.
The following Tuesday i went again to Mistress’ house.  This time Mistress was away and there was no Lucy and so i had a list of chores to do on my own.  Mistress is going to be away now for some time and so i will not see her but i will continue to go to her house and water plants, dust and make sure everything is in order for her return. 


Lingerie – L’Agent by Agent Provocateur – Ligne “Idalia”

I found this gorgeous Idalia line of lingerie from Agent Provocateur on Lingerie Collector which is available from Pleasurements and simply had to share it.
Idalia Underwire Bra. Surrender to your wildest and naughtiest fantasies with the dazzling L’Agent Idalia Underwire Bra. This lovely non padded demi bra is beautifully enriched with layers of delicate black lace with scalloped edges to create the most romantic look possible. Bringing you and your lover in the mood for some intimate, erotic role play. Match this with the Idalia Mini Brief. Get secretly seduced by the beautiful Idalia by L’Agent. This little lacy racy delight is romance at her glorious best. L’Agent Idalia Mini Brief is a super sexy low-rise panty pleasure with provocative cut outs at the sides. This makes the already stunning Idalia even more appealing. Your match made in heaven if your seeking for romance, elegance and some serious seduction. Finally add the Idalia Suspender. Get in the mood for some naughty role-play with the dazzling L’Agent Idalia Suspender. A flirtatious lace garter belt designed in a charming apron style to be the cherry on top of your luxury lingerie set.
Idalia Thong. Show off your romantic sight in this little lacy racy delight. L’Agent Idalia Thong is the most charming little low-rise thong you will set your eyes on. Sexy cutouts makes this delicate lace string even more glamourous. Get enchanted by Idalia and prepare yourself for the most passionate night of your life.
Idalia Short Gown. Add some glamour to your nighttime with the romantic L’Agent Idalia Short Gown. This delicate sheer mesh kimono is beautifully enriched with gorgeous lace and wide sleeves. Making your luxury nightwear both comfortable as it is sexy. Nighttime has never been this much fun before.
Idalia Playsuit. Once in while we have to reveal our naughty side ladies. Accomplish this in the most elegant way possible with the electrifying L’Agent Idalia Playsuit. Your lover wouldn’t know what hit him with one look at you in this sassy little number. Delicate lace will beautifully enrich your female curves, the deep v-neckline adds some extra drama and the secret peek a boo makes it even more exciting. Luxury lingerie which you can keep on during your erotic play, what’s not to love….


Mistress has a new slave.

Today is my day for visiting Mistress Ana.  Although Mistress is away at the moment, i still have to go and do various household chores and today was no exception.  However, today i was tasked with introducing and training a new slave, Lucy, to various of the chores and Mistress had left me with quite a list.  As it is still early in the relationship between Mistress Ana and Lucy, i had to arrange to meet her at a nearby coffee shop and then bring her to Mistress’ house blindfolded.  This all went according to plan and we both changed into maids uniforms once we arrived at the house.
i had brought along a pair of ballet flats that are a bit tight on me and they fit Lucy well so she wore them with her maid’s uniform.  We then set about the list of chores Mistress had given us.  We first sprayed all of the corners in the house with insecticide.  Next we made up the beds and i then showed Lucy how to dust and she did all of the dusting while i did the ironing.  i then went to clean the front door

Lucy dusted inside the tall boys and the bedside tables in Mistress’ bedroom and the guest bedroom and then cleaned Mistress’  en-suite bathroom.  We both did the floors – Lucy mopped the wooden floor and i moved some of the furniture to help her and also vacuumed the carpets.  We did stop for a while and drank some water – i had put on the air conditioner but it was still hot doing chores.  Anyway we took a little time out and chatted, getting on very well.  All in all we had a busy but productive morning and got on well and i look forward to seeing more of her.  She was nervous at first but relaxed more as we got to know one another.


Kimchi Blue Scallop Lace Bodycon Dress

I love red and i love lace and i love to be able to show off my legs so this gorgeous red lace mini-dress from Urban Outfitters couldn’t help but catch my eye.  A soft, stretchy-knit floral lace bodycon dress with a deep v-neck at the front and back from romantically chic label, Kimchi Blue the dress is cut in a fitted silhouette with scalloped trim along the neckline and short sleeves and center seam detailing.  Available for only $79 from Urban Outfitters.

27 Date Night-Worthy Valentine’s Day Dresses Under $150 put together a collection of 27 dresses, all costing less than $150 of which i realy liked the 8 dresses shown here.  To see all of the dresses click here.
i love lace and i really love the colour of this Renley’ Lace Fit & Flare Dress which is available exclusively from Nordstrom for just $119.74.  It is also available in 7 other colours.
Of course, i also love anything pink and this short & sweet apron dress from the romantic experts at Kimchi Blue also caught my eye. The dress is a lightweight linen cut short in a flit & flare silhouette finished with cut-in armholes and a crew-neck.  It is available from Urban Outfitters for just $69.
Also from Urban Outfittters is this structured fit + flare dress from boho brand Ecote. The dress features a lightweight linen cut with a fitted bodice and flared mini skirt featuring cut-out details at the sides and finsihed with thick straps and banded armholes. It sells for just $69.


This short, straight-cut chiffon dress with V-neck, buttons at front, elastication and drawstring at waist, and 3/4-length sleeves is lined and a bargain at only $34.95 from H&M

hmprod (1)

Also from H&M is this sleeveless dress in sequined lace with imitation leather trim, a concealed back zip, and jersey lining. Yours for only $69.95.

I love red and know that i look good in red so this sexy red dress from BCBGeneration couldn’t fail to catch my eye. i love the flared skirt and reveal-and-conceal sleeves and it sell for Aus$156.
i do love lace and this floral lace flippy dress is cut with a fitted waist, semi-sheer sleeves and bodice with colourful embroidery to the front. The dress includes a slip in the price of Aus$70 from TopShop.
When the sophisticated style of the Ivy League meets the sexy look of lace, you get this BB Dakota Princeton Black Lace Dress! Sheer lace sails across a sultry back panel, and down half sleeves that bell slightly on their way to scalloped cuffs. A sexy bodycon fit and rounded neckline are enhanced by soft black knit with a bit of stretch.  Available from LuLu’s for just $91


Visiting Mistress Ana

Now that the festive season is over and i have had my holiday away with my wife, i have been able to get back to visiting Mistress Ana.  My first visit was last Friday and it was wonderful to catch up with her again after such a long time.  i had to travel there in male mode due to my wife these days being retired and at home, precluding me dressing as Roxie and travelling “En Femme”.  Once at Mistress’ house though i changed, wearing a new apricot coloured blouse, very short mini skirt with ruffles that was a darler shade of apricot to the blouse, and a new pair of stiletto sandals with a broad ankle strap that i bought in a sale for just $10!  Mistress was impressed and also delighted that the apricot coloured French Knickers i chose for the day could often be seen peeking just below the hem of my skirt.  
After we had sat and chatted over a coffee, Mistress Ana led me to her bedroom where i was ordered to serve her with my tongue, a task that i love to do for her and which both of us have sorely missed these past weeks.  Afterwards, she started me on finishing the sorting and arranging of her books alphabetically and left me other chores to do while she went out.  
The day was really hot and humid and sorting the books took some considerable time and then afterwards i had to clean the wooden floors in the house, all of which had been sealed.  i took the mop and bucket, filled it with water and a small amount of detergent and mopped the hallways, lounge and kitchen and had just finished by wich time i had to be getting back home so i changed back into male mode.   was about to leave when Mistress returned.and so we more or less passed in the driveway but not before we agreed that i would return on Tuesday.
During our conversation earlier, Mistress had mentioned that she had another sissy wannabee slave that i would have to help train by showing her the ropes so to speak woth regard to housework.  i have no idea of her name but was looking forward to meeting her on Tuesday.
Before returning to Mistress’ house on Tuesday i had had the discussion that my wife and i had to have and even though my wife had tacitly agreed that i would go out in order to be Roxie away from home from time to time and that that was exactly what i was doing on Tuesday, the atmosphere in our house was icy even though the outside temperature was well over 30 degrees centigrade! 
Once again, i arrived at Mistress’ house and changed into Roxie on arrival and we sat and discussed the outcome of the discussion with my wife.  Mistress believes that my wife has accepted my need to be Roxie and that while she will never approve of it her attitude will soften as she gets used to me going off elsewhere to be feminine.
Afterward our chat, i was again assigned a number of chores.  Move boxes of books that were not wanted into the garage, hang out washing to dry, sweep out the garage, sweep the kitchen and lounge floors and clean the coffee machine, all of which i did before starting on the last task Mistress had given me.  When Mistress moved house, i helped her pack all of her clothes, many of which she would no longer wear because they were now too big for her since she lost a lot of weight.  Mistress had promised me that  would be able to go through all of her clothing discards once she had been thrugh them while unpacking and this was my final task yesterday.  Although it was once again hot and humid and i had to sort through the clothing in the garage, i thoroughly enjoyed myself and separated out a lot of items that i both liked and that i though would fit me.  In fact, i ended up with an enormous black plastic bag full!  I knew that some of the items would be too small or not my style and i promised to take back those that i did not want or which did not fit because Mistress will take them to Romania when next she returns there to visit her family.
i am still working my way through trying on the clothes but i have to say that i have found some lovely items that i will definitely wear and only one or two things that are either too small or not to my liking. i really do appreciate the kindness Mistress Ana shows me in this way and consider myself very fortunate to have become her slave.  As for the other wannabee slave, because of the storms Mistress’ internet was down over the weekend and so she was unable to contact her in time for her to visit yesterday.  Mistress goes away to work out of town next Monday but i am expecting a call from the new sissy and to have to bring her to Mistress Ana’s house next Tuesday and begin her training.  Quite exciting really!