Some more elegant styles from “Stylish Eve” via “Trending Styles”

Some more elegant styles from “Stylish Eve”  via “Trending Styles”

A simple tailored blouse and ruched grey pencil skirt go well with the brown stiletto sandals and stylish bag.

The cream cowel necked blouse and brown jacket are livened up by the vibrant colour of the orange pencil skirt. The brown patent peep-toe stiletto heels and the matching handbag complete this stylish outfit.

The floral top with its pink flowers on a grey-green background goes well with the grey ruched pencil skirt and both are complimented by the beautiful pink stiletto heels and matching bag.

i love this shade of pink and the simple beige pencil skirt is enhanced by the striking pink blouse, belt and handbag. The beige patent stiletto pumps complete this elegant look.

I love polka dots and this blouse is the focal point of this elegant look. The black dots on beige go well with the beige pencil skirt and blazer and the black stiletto platform pumps and handbag complete the look.

The striking turquoise blouse and matching handbag are the focus of this elegant look which is great for fall with the beige overcoat. The beige patent stiletto heels complete the look.

Now it is a striking red blouse with its asymmetric frill and matching handbag and stiletto platform pumps that are offset by the plain being pencil skirt and blazer to make another elegant outfit.

An elegant look for the evening in this beautiful black dress paired with black patent stiletto heels and matching handbag with a luxurious warm red overcoat for the winter evenings.

Beige, cream and black are te colours in this look comprising a multicoloured striped skirt, black blouse and cream blazer complimented by beige siletto heels and handbag.

A black pencil skirt, grey-brown long sleeved top are complimented by black stiletto platform pumps and handbag.


I just had to share these fabulous stiletto heels from Christian Louboutin. I just love the tooled leather and mesh insert on this stiletto bootee.

Mandolina Laser-Cut Mesh Red Sole Bootie in Black by Christian Louboutin

Blaze a trail in “Mandolina,” an exquisitely detailed ankle boot with a wonderfully western flair. This blacked-out beauty shows just the right amount of skin beneath her oh-so-feminine fishnet upper. Paired with any silhouette, she’s the certain centerpiece of every look.

My weekend in LA

i arrived here in Los Angeles on Friday, around lunchtime after a very long journey during which i slept very little largely due to a good book i was reading and managed to finish just as we taxied to the LAX terminal!  Of course, this meant that by the time i had got into my hotel room and had my lunch i was pretty much exhausted.  i battled on until 4.30pm before crashing out into my bed where i remained for the best part of 14 hours, sleeping solidly!

i woke up on Saturday morning feeling very refreshed though with no jet lag.  i had come to LA for a conference which starts on Tuesday but decided to come a few days earlier so that i could spend a weekend being Roxie all the time.  So, Saturday morning i shaved, showered, applied my make-up, dressed, donned my wig, added a splash of perfume and headed down to breakfast.

relaxing on Saturday

relaxing on Saturday

Saturday's girl

Saturday’s girl

Working on Sunday morning

Working on Saturday evening

Sunday's girl

Saturday’s girl

Breakfast was a self service affair in a small room with limited seating space and it was packed but i managed to grab a seat at a table shared with three others who were all together and so did not need me to add to their conversation.  Afterwards, i retured to my room for a while to catch up on emails that i had missed while on my journey after which, i went out shopping.  

On my way to the hotel i had noticed a small shopping mall just 3 blocks down the road so strolled there and went into a discount fashion store that had some gorgeous dresses at knock down prices.  i had a feeling though that their largest sizes would be just a bit too tight for me but i tried 3 really lovely dresses in the fitting rooms just to be sure.  i was right.  The first one, a black silk dress with a peplum waist would just not zip up the back.  i managed to squeeze myself into a red sheath dress but it was way too short even by my standards and so tight it showed my pot belly poking out below my corset (which was my pink, long line corset) as well as all of the boning and laces on the corset itself.  The last dress, a maroon, long sleeved, cowel neckline dress with a side split skirt would also not zip up.  i got it most of the way and perhaps with some help i might have managed to get into it but decided not to bother.

Off to the shops on Saturday

Off to the shops on Saturday

So, i gave up on dresses and went to check out the shoes – none of which were bigger than a size 9 and i need at least a 10, preferably a wide 10 or a 10 and a half.  So, it was then over to the jewellery and belts where at least i scored a success, getting myself two elasticated belts, one red and lacy and the other a brown one that i picked to wear with the yellow dress and brown Gucci shoes or brown shoes that Mistress Ana bought me a short time ago.

From there, i went into the grocery store to find a few things to eat in my hotel room – snacks mainly and tea and milk.  That was easy but i did not like any of the wine they had on offer so decided to go elsewhere for that.  i bought my tea, milk, a block of cheese and some crackers before heading back to the hotel, stopping off at a pharmacy/liquor store on the way where i managed to get hold of a decent bottle of red wine.  So, i was all set for snacks.

i dropped off my shopping at the hotel and then went out again to a Peruvian Restaurant that i had noticed in my mornings wanderings.  It was now a little past lunchtime but it meant that even though they were busy i was able to get a table straight away.  i enjoyed a lovely lunch of ceviche for a starter followed by a lomo saltado – two of my favourite Peruvian dishes.  Ceviche is a cold fish dish in which the raw fish is marinaded in lemon juice with chili and onion and served with sweet potato and corn.  Lomo saltado is a beef dish with slivers of beef stirfried with onions, chili, tomato and potato chips and served with rice.

By now it was late afternoon and i wandered back to the hotel feeling quite content with my day up to that point.  i was flattered when i passed a young guy in the street who smiled, said hi and was obviously interested in me and i smiled back, said hi but kept on walking without looking back.  Thinking about it, the poor guy must have been desperate for even with my make up i still look close to my age and probably twice his!



So, that was my Saturday.  Sunday was spent in a similar way, breakfast, emails, some work for a client and then out for a walk, in the opposite direction to Saturday, looking for a place to have Sunday lunch.  i fancied a steak and found a grill about 4 blocks north using Google Maps so that was where i headed, window shopping as i went.  i enjoyed a good New York steak, mash potatoes and steamed vegetable washed down with a couple of glasses of merlot before heading back to my hotel to finish off the work i had started in the morning. 

About to go out for Sunday lunch

About to go out for Sunday lunch

Today, Monday, was the least exciting day.  i had to spend the entire day working but of course it didn’t stop me from working as Roxie.  i had 2 scheduled skype conferences for which i switched off my video of course.  i didn’t leave my room apart from going out for breakfast and early afternoon going out for a burger at a fast food place right by the hotel.

Monday morning

Monday morning

Monday morning

Monday morning

One thing i have noticed over the weekend is that my voice now seems to be more acceptably feminine for it did not raise any eyebrows with anyone i met whether the room attendant, waiters in restaurants or people in the shops.  Obviously practicing is doing some good.

Tomorrow the conference begins and so i have to put Roxie to bed for a while but i have really enjoyed myself these last 3 days!

Luxury lingerie!

Like most girls, i love sensuous and pretty lingerie and decide i would share some more examples that i have come across recently.

i just love this cami and shorts from La Perla. Red and black always looks sexy and the sensuous feel of silk/satin would make any girl feel good. A stylish pattern v-neck lace, worked by hand according to the “frastaglio” technique, characterized this top in silk satin with adjustable straps and slots rounded on the sides. A “one-size-fits-all” piece to wear even with the most elegant suits.  

Luxury nightwear by Marjolaine – Passion Nightgown. Get inspired by the Marjolaine Passion Nightgown and bring some Spanish passion into your boudoir. One look at you in this long lacy nightgown and your lover’s heart will ablaze. Not only looks the Marjolaine Passion Nightgown impressive with its sexy corset detail at the back, splits at both sides and gorgeous batwing sleeves, but this stunner of a gown also is very comfortable. Lounging has never been this luxurious.

Luxury lingerie by Implicite – the Obsession Babydoll. Seduce in an innocently sweet way with the flirtatious Implicite Obsession Babydoll. Sheer mesh to reveal a little sexiness, polkadots for a fashionable touch and easily to put on and off because of the one button closure. A sensuous babydoll as you never seen before. Show off your naughty side in the bedroom and get totally obsessed with the Implicite Obsession Babydoll.

Luxury nightwear by Marjolaine – Jardin Combinette in red. A perfect combination of elegance, sensuality and romance. The Marjolaine Jardin Combinette in red is truly breathtaking with it’s delicate lace paneling and super soft silk. A gorgeous slip dress which reveals just the right amount of skin. It will hug your female curves in the most glorious way. Wear this beauty combined with the Marjolaine Laser Robe below for a romantic night in.

Luxury nightwear by Marjolaine – Laser Deshabille Court. One look at you in the sensual Marjolaine Deshabille Court and your lover will devour you. You’ll most definitely enjoy each and every touch by him. Delicate soft silk gently caresses your skin while you look smoking hot. This silk robe truly is a winner for you both.

The Laser Deshabille Court worn over the Jardin Combinette

More terrific looks from “Stylish Eve”

I really do like “Stylish Eve” for the great combinations and looks they put together, all of which are reasonably priced yet very stylish.  Here are some recent ones that caught my eye plus an additional look from Bellavie.

Regular readers will know how much i love pencil skirts and also polka dots. This combination of pencil skirt, broad belt and diaphanous top with polka dots really got my heart racing and the black patent leather stiletto heels are a perfect match for the skirt and blouse and the contrasting handbag completes a very stylish and elegant look.

Another pencil skirt and more polka dots – but big ones this time – make up this fun look. The peplum blouse with its broad belt hides the narrow belt on the skirt which is OK and while i do not usually go for platform soles, those of my readers that do will appreciate these heels and matching handbag.

The broderie anglais hemline on this simple white dress caught my eye and with the matching brown belt, handbag and boots makes for a simple but clean look.

Back to the broad belted pencil skirt and black patent leather stiletto heels but this time with a ruffle fronted blouse. i adore ruffles and this blouse is the focus of this stylish look which is rounded off by the black and white handbag.

Blues are not usually my colour but i like this blue-beige-white combination. The striking clutch is the focus of this ensemble, having colours that match the stiletto heels and loose fitting top.

i love the geometric pattern on this woven skirt which is complimented by the plain grey top, black blazer, black stiletto heels and handbag.

Maroon is one of my favourite colours and, with the northern winter fast approaching, i thought this was a great winter look with a broad belted black pencil skirt, black and maroon blouse and maroon bolero cardigan complimented by maroon suede stiletto heels and maroon handbag.

An elegant look made up of a simple blue dress with a beige sash and bow at the waist complimented by beige stiletto heels, pearl drop earrings and beige handbag.

Hectic times but finally things are back to normal – well almost!

It has been quite some time since i managed to find the time to post anything and the reason is that life has been hectic recently with both work and family comittments taking up the bulk of my time.  School holidays are always difficult for me because my wife’s movements are unpredictable and so dressing and being Roxie is very dangerous if i wish to keep our marriage intact.  Of course, my wife knows about Roxie; she just does not want any part of Roxie’s life which means she does not wish to get to know Roxie or see any evidence of Roxie’s existence.  So, school holidays, when my wife is not working, are difficult to say the least.  Add to that, Mistress Ana is away and so i have not been able to visit her and be Roxie either.

One thing i did manage to do was to get to visit Mistress Ana’s daughter for a full body waxing session.  i was in dire need for a waxing because i had not had one for several months and shaving is a chore that needs to be done regularly and the hair does not weaken or thin out over time.  Waxing, however, if done regularly, does gradually reduce the density and the fineness of the hair and Mistress’ daughter commented on how thin my body hair is these days compared to when i was first waxed by her.  I really need to have 3 more sessions of IPL.  i have had 3 already which is another reason why my hair is now much finer and less dense that it was and 3 more sessions may well eliminate the need to shave or wax in the future.  The trouble is that it is expensive and i have to wait for special offers on line from local spas in order to be able to afford it.  Anyway, a waxing i did go and enjoyed a really good morning with Mistress’ daughter, chatting while waxing and also over coffee both before and after the waxing.  She is a qualified beautician and is setting up her own business from home so we discussed the possibility of her running make-up classes for trans people as well as doing waxing for transgender people also.  i voluteered to canvas opinion for her among my local transgender friends.

Last week, i had a surprise opportunity to be Roxie on Wednesday and again on Friday, albeit for only half a day in each case but of course i jumped at the chance.  Today, things are back to normal, school has started again and so i can be Roxie at work all day as my wife is in the city at work all day as per normal on a Tuesday.  

On Wednesday, i chose to wear a black pleated skirt, very colourful blouse, 7-denier “nude” panty hose and black suede stiletto heels over my usual corset and matching bra and panties.  It was a lovely day so i took some pictures in my garden.

SONY DSC SONY DSCOn Friday, i slipped into a yellow button-front dress that used to belong to my wife.  She threw it out some years ago and i managed to rescue it by volunteering to take it amd other items of her clothing to the Salvo’s which i did, after sifting through everything, trying things on and selecting those that fit me and were relatively timeless in terms of fashion.  i am sure my wife knew what i was up to but she never commented. 



Today, it is hot, the hottest day this spring (over 30 degree centigrade) so i dressed quite summery. i chose to wear a pink corset, pink and white matching bra and panties, no stockings or panty hose, a pink blouse and a to begin with a mainly pink coloured skort and pink sandals.  i chose the skort because i bought it at the end of last summer in a sale and had never worn it and, as i am travelling at the end of this week to Los Angeles, decided i wanted to make sure that it fit which, as you can see below, it did.


As it was a good drying day, i had earlier decided to catch up on some laundry and once i had the clothes on the line drying, i slipped out to the shops to buy some bread and milk.  i decided that for the shops i should dress a little more conservatively and so replaced the skort with a white skirt – one that i had bought while in Thailand with Mistress Ana.  i was ready for a coffee on my return and by then, the washing was dry so i brought it in in good time before my wife got home.  All in all, today has turned out extremely well.








Finally visiting Mistress and 2 pairs of new shoes!

Finally, i was able to visit Mistress Ana in her new home on Tuesday.  She had only moved in some 2 or 3 weeks ago so there was still some unpacking to be done and i already knew, before i arrived, that i would be unpacking books, sorting them and putting them on her bookshelves in alphabetical order.  However, i was surprised and delighted on my arrival to be greeted warmly as ever by Mistress Ana and presented with a new pair of shoes – platform heels with ankle strap to be precise.  Mistress insisted i try them on straight away and that we then take some pictures.


Beautiful, bronze and gold platform heels with an ankle strap

Of course i was delighted with the shoes although they did not really go with the clothes i was wearing.  i had arrived in a maroon top and mini-skirt, a combination i had never actually worn before because the top is transparent and i needed a maroon camisole to wear underneath and had finally managed to find one on my recent travels.


My maroon look with the new shoes in Mistress’ hallway.

Once the pictures were taken i became roxie the librarian and worked unpacking and sorting Mistress’ books for about 5 hours before i had to make tracks to be home and revert to male mode before my wife returned from work.

One thing that bugged me was that the maroon heels for which i had bought the skirt and top were no longer wearable, coming apart at the seams sadly.  So i needed to find a new pair that would match the top and skirt.  On Wednesday, i had to go into the city for business but on the way home i stopped off at a local second hand clothing shop that only stocks quality ladies clothing and shoes.  They often have large sizes and as i was passing i decided to pop in and see if they had anything maroon in my size.  What luck!  They had 4 different pairs, all size 41.  Size 41 is a bit tight on me usually but sometimes they are slightly larger than a 41 and i can squeeze into them.  i found a beautiful pair of maroon suede, platform, stiletto heeled pumps with golden bling around the platform and discovered they were a broad enough fit for me so i paid the bargain price of $20 and had got myself a new pair of shoes that i knew would go well with my maroon top and skirt.

Friday is a day when i can usually be roxie for a little while around the office so, naturally, i wanted to try the new shoes with the maroon top but chose black wet look leggings instead of the mini-skirt this time.  Here is the way i spent most of Friday in my office – the picture wasSONY DSCSONY DSC taken while i was making myself a coffee.