Some more great pencil skirt looks from Stylish Eve

I really do like the looks generated by Stylish Eve, especially those with pencil skirts which are very much in vogue right now.  Of course, they all need to have stiletto heels and preferably not platforms to attract my attention.  Here are some terrific examples of their looks that i have encountered recently.

I just love the asymmetrical one-shoulder top with the chifon draped sleeve

It is again the beautiful top that makes with look stand out for me

Much less dramatic, it is the ruched pencil skirt that is the feature in this look

A very much understated subtle look inneutral and skin tones that is made by the beautiful peach quilted effect jacket

A dress with a pencil skirt this time and it is the gorgeous green colour of the dress and handbag that does this for me, especially with my red hair! The contrast with the ivory coloured coat and neutral heels is perfect.

Finally, back to black and white and once more it is the striking peplum blouse that is the highlight.



A lazy relaxing weekend

Not much to write about over my last week and this weekend.  The week was work and more work and, apart from going for a vigorous walk on Saturday morning in which i covered 3.2 miles at an average pace of 5mph (8 km/hr), the weekend i spent being quite lazy although i was able to be Roxie the entire time.  

While “en femme” i did nothing special, just caught up with a few outstanding personal emails, my accounts, watched tennis on the TV and relaxed.  I did however take a couple of pictures of myself today while waiting for my Sunday roast to cook in the oven.  It being Sunday, i had decided to wear my Sunday best and chose pearls for my jewellery because i think they go so well in contrast to the black sequined mini-skirt and silvery lurex top.  Of course, beneath the skirt and blouse i was wearing black bra and panties and my corset which i have to say is now able to be tightened almost to its own limit rather than the limit to which my body can be compressed – so my exercise and diet plus waist training must be working.

DSC05672ccf SONY DSC

Christian Louboutin – Nude and Pink Heels Collection

i am a big fan of Christian Louboutin and also a lover of anything pink so when i came across this collection of his i just had to share it and add any one of the gorgeous shoes to my wish list.

i have shown only the pink heels, there are nude heels also displayed on Shoes Post if you wish to see more.  For me, i am just breathless and drooling over the pink ones.  Must find me a sugar daddy!

Some classy pencil skirt looks from “Stylish Eve”

I came across three very classy looks from “Stylish Eve” today and decided i had to share them.  The first of the three, a beautiful lace blouse coupled with a white pencil skirt (and i do love pencil skirts) and matching maroon stiletto pumps and clutch:-

i love the intricacy of the lace blouse ciupled with the simplicity of the pencil skirt and the deep maroon colour of the shoes and clutch sets them both of beautifully and the look is completed by the simple pendant.

Another pencil skirt, this time coupled with a ruffle front blouse are the stars of the next look although the stilettos also stand out (pardon the pun).  

The broad black patent leather belt on the skirt looks as if it can be worn outside the blouse if the blouse is to be worn outside the skirt.  The handbag compliments both the skirt and the blouse.

The final look uses the same black pencil skirt but with a different handbag, heels and blouse.


A houndstooth pattern pencil skirt coupled with a black sleeveless blouse, white blazer with black trim, black suede stiletto heels and pearls are the stand out features of this final outfit.


The double strand pearl necklace set against the black blouse and the single pearl drop earrings make for a very classy look.

So Kate Pumps by Christian Louboutin

I really do like the shoe designs by Christian Louboutin and just wish i could afford to buy even a small selection of them.  Here is a selection of some beautiful traditional pumps – the “So Kate” style and i would love to own and wear some of these!  i guess i need to find myself a “sugar daddy” .

Gracefully placed on a thin heel with a long, pointed toe, this 120mm beauty is the quintessential pump for true stiletto lovers. The superfine stiletto heel makes So Kate the most delicate of all Louboutin pointed toe pumps, and its dramatic, nearly vertical pitch provides you with a supremely sexy silhouette.

Should anyone be wealthy enought to invest in a pair of these divine pumps, or if you are a “sugar daddy” and want to buy a pair for me, they are available from Louboutin if they haven’t already sold out!