A rare weekday chance to be “En Femme” in Lima, treating myself to bargains and excellent food!

I am really trying hard to lose some weight and some inches around my waist so most mornings i am out walking vigorously at 6.00am and today was no exception.  I cover a distance of 3.2 miles and am doing so in 40 minutes, a speed of 5 mph which for walking is pretty fast.  This morning, i walked the distance in my fastest time yet so was feeling pretty proud of myself once i got back to the apartment, showered and then put on my waist training corset.  i am wearing the latter for at least 8 hours a day and, because it is getting progressively tighter and i can see my waist line shrinking so it does seem to be working.  Another reason for feeling good about myself.

By mid-afternoon today, the office was empty apart from myself with no chance of there being anyone else arriving for the rest of the day.  Add to that, i had just set a number of data files in a queue to be processed – something that would take a couple of hours at least to run through during which time there would be little i could do.  So, what does a girl do when at a loose end?  Why go shopping of course!

I changed quickly, applied light make-up, donned my wig, grabbed my purse and was out of the door within half an hour.  i decided that i would go and buy the red patent leather peep-toe stiletto heeled shoes that i had seen at the weekend which were a bargain at S/.90 (about $30).  Here they are:-

My new shoes!

My new shoes!

From there i wandered over the road to Saga Falabella just to see what they might have on-sale, it being the change over from winter to spring collections and i was still looking for some new pijamas.  Would you believe that i found a fabulous red dress in my size reduced from S/.249 to just S/.69 ($87 to $24).  i even tried it on in the store to be sure it fit which was hilarious in itself because i struggled to find how to get into it.  It has no zip but with a cross over front held together by a press stud.  It is loose fitting at the top with a gathered waist and narrow black belt.  It is sleek and sexy  and i can get away wearing it without a bra and my breasts will still be prominent.  i haven’t yet taken a picture but i will at the weekend and post then so watch this space!

But it didn’t stop there.  i wandered into the lingerie department and found a rack with discounted sleepwear and there, lo and behold were a pair of PJ’s in just my size!  The top is llilac in colour while the pants are lemon, lilca, pale blue and white in pastel shades and very narrow vertical lines.  They have a lilac ribbon drawstring and lilac crochet embroidery at the bottom of the legs which matches the trim on the pijama top.  These too were a bargain  at just S/.24 ($8.50) reduced from S/.89 ($31.50).  Again, i will take a picture of myself in them at the weekend and post then so watch this space.

So, flushed with success, i headed back to my office/apartment.  It was now time to think about dinner.  i had roasted a leg of lamb at the weekend and still had some left over so last night i had decided to make a hot-pot out of the remains.  I had layered a casserole dish with onion, potato and the lamb in alternate layers, added the left over gravy (which was delicious i might add) and baked in the oven at 150 degrees for two hours before i went to bed.  Today, i rolled out some pastry and put it on top of the hot pot and then baked it in the oven again for an hour at about 180 degrees.  Below is the product!  It looked delicious and tasted delicious too and i pigged out, eating half of it!  But what the hell, i had had such a great day i figured i deserved it!  However, it will mean i must get back to the walking and diet tomorrow!

My hot pot pie!

My hot pot pie!

A lazy weekend as Roxie

Having been flat out with work all week, i heaved a sigh of relief when Friday evening came round and i was able to put work to one side and think of just being me.  

i spent the entire weekend as Roxie and went out on Saturday morning “en femme” looking to buy myself something as a reward for putting up with being male all week!  i found a lovely pair of red patent stiletto heels that would fit me but this was in the first shop i entered and so i hung on to my money as i was not really in the market for shoes.  i was thinking more of a skirt and top or even a dress and i could certainly do with some pijamas – it is cold and damp in Lima right now and my PJ’s are very much summer oriented.  i wandered through the Miraflores shops, was almost tempted to buy a lovely sexy green blouse that would go well with my red hair but when i tried it on it was just too tight across the bust!  Peruvian women are simply just too small!  

i ventured into Ripley, a department store, and found a numer of items there that were disounted because they were switching from winter lines to spring.  In fact they were doing that while i was there and it became quite confusing as i found a wintery nightdress that was reduced then wandered over to some other PJs none f which would have fit but by the time i got back to the nightdress the whole rack of them had gone and been replaced by items designed for warmer weather!  Once again i was tempted to buy a matching skirt and top but on trying them on found the top too tight.  Large sized skirts are ok for me here but in need Extra Large tops which do not seem to be stocked in any great abundance if at all!  As i said, Peruvian women are simply too petite!.  I did finally find some half price pantyhose – 20 denier patterned in 4 colours, each with a different pattern so i bought one of each and paid for four what normally i would have paid for two!

After stopping for a coffee, i returned to my apartment and thereafter didn’t go anywhere or meet up with anyone for the rest of the weekend, i just relaxed and enjoyed myself at home.  Here, below are some pictures taken while at home.

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A beautiful, elegant line in luxury hand made silk lingerie

Like most if not all sissies, i simply adore beautiful, sensual feminine lingerie and always wish that i could afford to buy some of the items i encounter on the web or when window shopping “en femme”.  One of the problems i might have though is, if i could afford such luxurious lingerie as those i am about to display below, who would benefit?  i would benefit from the delicious feeling of femininity that it would engender in my soul but with whom could i share it?  Mistress Ana would brand me as being slutty if i said that i would want to wear it in front of a man, moving sensually with feline grace in order to arouse him but surely that is as much as what wearing beautiful lingerie is about as the feelings it generates in the woman.  Whatever, i hope my readers enjoy this gallery of sensuous lingerie from Ambra Lingerie of Italy as much as i do and, like me, dream of owning and wearing some of their beautiful products one of these days.

i also love the pink stiletto heels this model is wearing.

The suspenders and stockings make for a sexy look and i like the stiletto heels with the T-bar as well!

i would also wear those lovely stiletto heels!

The shoes are nice too!

Nothing looks sexier than beautiful lingerie and stiletto heeled pumps.

and the stiletto pumps here are no excpetion! i like the matching garter also!

i love the stilettos with the ankle strap!

Red belted high waist pencil skirt, black and wite polka dot blouse for a stunning vintage look.

I think all my readers know how much i love anything in red and also polka dots!  This infinitely flattering pencil skirt has arrived in a sultry red at Unique Vintage! This pliable cotton twill piece is designed to slim with a high waist design, pristine seaming and thick removable three-snap stretch belt. Crafted from a sturdy stretch blend designed to clutch curves and show you off fabulously. Coupled with this black and white polka dot blouse, the effect is stunning. Wear this with matcing red stiletto heels and then wiggle with the best of them!

A lazy Sunday “En Femme”

The truth is that ever since i arrived in Peru 10 days ago, i have felt rough.  It all started with a cough last Friday week and on the Saturday i felt aweful – feverish, coughing and with a headache.  Last Sunday was not much better which was sadbecause last weekend was the first time in a while that i had had the opportunity to be Roxie and i felt so miserable that although i was  “en femme” for the weekend, it was hyper casual with just a skirt and hoodie – no make-up, no shoes, not even a wig!

For the working week. i struggled to shake off the cough but without success althoug i did start to feel better in myself.  i just couldn’t seem to get a decent night’s sleep so felt lethargic most of the time.  By Friday i was feeling ok even with the cough and Friday night i slept well for the first time in a while.  So, Saturday and i was determined to be feminine and so painted my nails, shaved carefully, appplied a splash of perfume and felt feminine for the first time in ages although still not fresh enough to be bothered with make-up or wearing anything sexy.  Still it was a start!

Today, in spite of still coughing, i made a big effort and went the whole hog!  It is Sunday after all and so i dressed for an occasion with make-up and all!  After a good breakfast of black pudding, ham and poached eggs on toast, i lounged around the apartment reading and listening to music most of the day before i prepared myself a lovely roast beef dinner, washed down with a good Argentinian malbec from Mendoza.

It is now late evening and i am tired again and ready for bed but before i go will just share a few pictures of my day.

Some elegant looks from JJ House & Chalany High Heels

i have wanted to share these looks from JJ House and Chalany High Heels for some time.  i think they are extremely elegant and ideal for that very special occasion and they are not too expensive while looking a million dollars!

Sheath/Column Sweetheart Short/Mini Chiffon Satin Cocktail Dress With Ruffle Beading Sequins – made to order only; Leatherette Stiletto Heel Peep Toe Slingback Sandals ; Elegant Silk With Rhinestone Clutch; Alloy/Sterling Silver With Crystal Jewelry Set and Alloy With Crystal Bracelet.

i love this sultry, vibrant and oh-so flattering outfit below which has everything you could be looking for and more!

Empire Sweetheart Short/Mini Chiffon Homecoming Dress With Beading; Leatherette Stiletto Heel Ankle Strap Sandals; Clutch and Alloy Earrings.

i do not usually go for full length dresses but this ball gown below is fabulous and would make that special night a magical night to remember.

Trumpet/Mermaid Strapless Floor-Length Tulle Evening Dress With Lace – made to order; Leatherette Sparkling Glitter Stiletto Heel Platform Sandals; Clutch and Jewellery.

Traditionally designed with eye-catching elements, the following elegant short creation is truly magnificent.

Sheath/Column Scoop Neck Knee-Length Satin Mother of the Bride Dress With Sequins; Leatherette Stiletto Heel Pumps; Shining Silk/Metal With Rhinestone Clutch; Alloy Earrings With Tassels and Alloy Bracelet With Crystal.